Your first psychotherapy appointment

At your first session we would:
  • Introduce ourselves and i would suggest how we structure the session.
  • Address what has brought you to therapy- it will only be a summary at this stage.
  • Discuss your goals and expectations for therapy
  • ¬†Understand your expectations of how therapy works perhaps referring to previous experiences
  • See if we can work together- whether we get on! We would also keep checking on this throughout your therapy.
  • Agree on a verbal contract (confidentiality,time, place,cancellations etc).
  • Discuss my way of working and i can answer your questions about this.



I usually suggest that after your first appointment you go away and take time to reflect whether you would like to work with me or not.


If you decide to proceed, i normally suggest 6 sessions, held weekly, with a review of progress at the 6th session, to decide whether you would like to continue or not. At this review we would also discuss what has been gained, what has been difficult or easy, what has changed etc. If you decide to continue we might decide on a new focus or goal.


We would agree whether to arrange a certain number of sessions or else to continue with open-ended therapy until it feels right to stop.